LAUNCH: Unity Asset Pack: Real New York City, Vol. 1

Posted by Christi Kroll

Geopipe Unity Asset Pack Vol.1

Geopipe's Unity Asset Pack: Real New York City, Vol.1.


To celebrate Geopipe’s first Unity asset pack launch, we’ve made it available to users for free! We can’t wait to see what your creativity unlocks!

Download now from the Unity Asset Store.

Enrich your game or simulation with a smart 1:1 digital twin of New York City! This asset pack gives you a real world replica of several blocks of New York City at your fingertips: a total of 786 buildings along with roads, sidewalks, and water features with textured meshes (street level props not included).

We offer roadbeds and sidewalks as separate meshes, so that they can easily be incorporated into path-finding. Standard shaders are provided, and tested and verified to convert to High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) and Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Posted by Christi Kroll

This past New Year’s Eve, the iconic Times Square Ball Drop in New York City was limited to 15,000 in-person attendees, but 9 more revelers made an appearance virtually in Geopipe's Minecraft New York City– throwing fireworks, running through confetti, taking group pictures, and even swinging through a fast-food restaurant.

Users across generations and spanning various countries worked together block by block to build a countdown clock to the New Year that culminated in a fireworks display set to music. I got to spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square with my best friends, with others from across the country, and with friends that I’ve never met personally.

NYC In Times Square

New Year’s Eve in Geopipe’s Times Square, NYC.


While life online offers a vast smorgasbord of information and activity, it can still be isolating. Much of what we do online- working, watching TV, listening to music, researching hobbies- is done individually. So even if you refresh social media or news platforms every 5 seconds, it can still be lonely and boring. We crave shared experiences: to hang out, to engage in socialization beyond bullet points and life updates. To just play together.

Why Minecraft?

Posted by Christi Kroll

Gamify Your World

Side by side shots of New York City in the real world, Geopipe models rendered in Unity, and Geopipe's Minecraft NYC.

1:1 Minecraft New York City is now live at (map) or (server), and you can join now and explore. Want to participate in upcoming events in this virtual world, like our NYC Scavenger Hunt? Find us on social media!

A few weeks ago, I read this article- The Metaverse Is Already Here — It’s Minecraft, and I found it fascinating. The Metaverse doesn’t have to be something that Facebook…er…Meta sells us at a mega-markup under a glossy corporate market strategy. It’s something that we already know and love, like Minecraft: a hackable, decentralized, imperfect, interactive game where players from all over the world can play and interact together.

The Metaverse is new, buzzy, and sci-fi, but like most buzzwords, it’s built on tried and true concepts realized in brand new ways. At Geopipe, we’ve been ahead of the bleeding edge, spending the last few years teaching computers to digitize the Earth for gaming, simulation, and beyond. Our AI figures out the details of every building, tree, road, sidewalk, you name it– then goes one step further, rapidly creating a 3D digital twin at city scale from that information.

Geopipe Builds Minecraft NYC in Record Time

Posted by Christi Kroll

Geopipe's NYC

This is Geopipe's New York: all five boroughs, more than 644 square miles of NYC in 1:1 scale in Minecraft—and it’s built by AI, not by hand, which means we built it in a day!

Explore, create, and perfect the Big Apple alone or with your friends! We hope that you’ll join us for scavenger hunts, build contests, a virtual New Year’s ball drop in Times Square, and more!

Ready to explore? Use our Minecraft web map to get around!


Geopipe Secures $2.4M Seed Round to Expand Digital Twin Capabilities

Posted by Christi Kroll

Geopipe announced today that it has closed a $2.4M seed round led by Village Global, joined by Matrix Partners, the Alexa Fund, AME Cloud Ventures, and others. Geopipe is creating the authoritative whole-Earth digital twin built by AI, bringing the unified Metaverse of reality to gaming, simulation, and beyond.

Geopipe will use this funding to roll out more of its cutting edge deep learning techniques to parse the world, doubling the level of detail in its digital twins and accelerating its coverage expansion. Over the next 12 months, the company will expand deployments across key customer segments including gaming, simulation and AEC. To accomplish this, Geopipe is hiring for new roles in research, engineering, product, and business development. To learn more, please visit Careers at Geopipe.

NYC skyline

The Real Metaverse is Earth

Posted by Christopher Mitchell, Ph.D.

NYC skyline

Imagine a future where in one massive virtual world, you can do anything you could do in the real world, and more. You can play games set in the real world that are so immersive you don’t have to suspend disbelief. You can walk through the streets of the country you’ve always wanted to see on vacation, but can’t find the time to visit. Soldiers, first responders, and bus drivers can be trained in virtual environments that match reality so closely, they already know exactly what they need to do when they’re ready to go out into the field. Machines like autonomous cars and delivery drones can be trained for millions of hours in digital cities that precisely match their real world counterparts - down to wind, rain, snow, downed trees, and errant pedestrians.