User Stories: Gilbane Building Company

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Inserting the very analog real world into modern, digital business processes is the challenge that gave birth to the GIS industry. At Geopipe, we are evolving traditional geospatial thinking by building an AI to create the authoritative whole-earth digital twin: data-rich, immersive 3D worlds for gaming, simulation, and architecture.

With valuable applicability for Geopipe across industries, we are introducing a “User Stories” series of blog posts to show how Geopipe saves users time & money, and makes existing 3D workflows smarter and more impactful.

Today, we are kicking our conversation off with Rawle Sawh, Director of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) at Gilbane Building Company. Rawle is an experienced builder who uses Geopipe to help win new projects for Gilbane, a US$6 billion builder with over 145 years of history.