A Day in the (Virtual) Life: Founder WFH in NYC

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I had the opportunity last week to catch up with Christopher Mitchell, co-founder and CEO of Geopipe, from his apartment in New York City. During the rapidly changing realities of business in the era of COVID-19, I thought it would be illuminating to chat with someone who does a significant amount of his work remotely.

Christi Kroll: So, how do you start your day?

Christopher Mitchell: First things first, I start by making my coffee. I glance over emails and Slack to see if there’s anything urgent, and briefly open up news and Facebook.

CK: How has your routine changed as you’ve been practicing social distancing?

CM: I’ve been spending more time cooking, actually. My go to breakfast is a bagel with cream cheese, but I’ve been taking time to make omelets and even some pumpkin bread!

CK: That sounds delicious. I know I’ve been struggling with staying focused and being productive—how do you handle that at home?

Christopher's home workstation

Christopher's home workstation, firmly adhering to the mantra that more monitors is always better.