User Stories: Drone Commander and Utah Department of Transportation

Posted by Christi Kroll

Drone Commander in a Geopipe World

Drone Commander in a Geopipe World.

Why are large-scale digital twins important? How does Geopipe data uniquely enable developers to build innovative spatial products?

In our latest in a series of posts that showcase how people use Geopipe Worlds, we interview an interdisciplinary team at the University of Utah that envisions a traffic control system for UAS (unmanned aerial systems), or drones.

The Drone Commander Team we interviewed included:

  • Jared Esselman, Director of Aeronautics, State of Utah
  • Ryan Bailey, Innovation and Implementation Specialist, State of Utah
  • Paul Wheeler, UAS Program Manager, Utah Department of Transportation
  • Brian Salisbury, Associate Professor, Lecturer, Entertainment Arts and Engineering, University of Utah
  • Jesse Ferraro, Project Facilitator, Therapeutic Games and Apps Lab, University of Utah

This team created Drone Commander, an innovative solution for one of the hottest topics in drones: Universal Traffic Management, or UTM. UTM is the concept for an automated air traffic control system for the busy skies of the future: management of overall drone traffic including air taxi, medical supply, and package delivery drones.

Just Add Geopipe

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Players in Life Among the Bricks find themselves in the middle of New York City.

Players in Life Among the Bricks find themselves in the middle of New York City.

Geopipe co-founders Thomas Dickerson, Ph.D., and Christopher Mitchell, Ph.D. were not always pitching multi-million dollar companies to investors. Not long ago, they were dabbling in indie game development themselves. However, big ideas require big resources—time, expertise, and money.

“The specific problem that we saw was that we had these ideas for cool open-world, sandbox-style games that gave the player a lot of freedom, while still being sort of a unique style, and we just couldn’t get access to the sorts of 3D models that we wanted for creating those open world games,” Dickerson said.

Ever the problem-solvers, they built AI to do it for them.

Geopipe Team Welcomes New Members

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Geopipe Team Photo Summer 2021

Happy Summer!

Geopipe finished 2020 strong, winning the $1 million GENIUS NY grand prize and solidifying our traction in an expanding market. Our mission is huge: building the rich 3D twin of the whole Earth that will be the “map OS” underneath everything spatial.

With the GENIUS NY and our existing NSF fundings, we've already catalyzed team growth, welcoming bright collaborative minds to achieve milestones in our roadmap across our organization. We've asked our newest talent what inspires them about Geopipe and our mission, and here's what they shared:

Are Point Clouds Missing the Point?

Posted by Christi Kroll

I have seen some beautiful 3D data in my day. Reality capture technology like drones, self-driving cars, and laser scanners have matured and proliferated incredibly in the past decade. My new iPhone can even spit out an accurate 3D model of anything I point it at - live!

However, reality capture's most popular formats -- meshes and point clouds -- are completely missing the point.

Happy Holidays from Geopipe

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Season’s Greetings!

Wishing you and your loved ones health, safety, and happiness this holiday season!

Falling snowflakes and chilled temperatures frost our windows and our fingers at our bases in New York City, Central New York, and Vermont. At Geopipe, we want to take this time to reflect on a few of the things that we are thankful for.


We are thankful for the diverse group of collaborative thinkers and problem-solvers that have risen and continue to rise to the particular challenges of this tumultuous year. We have celebrated cross-country moves, new offices, new homes, and new team members. We have moved to successful remote workflows. We’ve doubled our full-time staff this year, and added part-timers, interns, and associates. And as our projects expand in scale and scope, we continue to welcome new team members to join us in our mission of bringing the authoritative version of the real world to virtual space, built by AI. If you're a passionate Deep Learning expert, a pro at hacking big projects with C++, or consider yourself a map geek, let us know!