User Stories: Gilbane Building Company

Posted by Christi Kroll

Inserting the very analog real world into modern, digital business processes is the challenge that gave birth to the GIS industry.
At Geopipe, we evolve traditional geospatial thinking by building an AI to create the authoritative whole-earth digital twin: data-rich, immersive 3D worlds for gaming, simulation, and architecture.

With valuable applicability for Geopipe across industries, we are introducing a “User Stories” series of blog posts to show how Geopipe saves users time and money, and makes existing 3D workflows smarter and more impactful. Today, we kick off our conversation with Rawle Sawh, Director of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) at Gilbane Building Company.
Rawle, an experienced builder, uses Geopipe to help win new projects for Gilbane, a US $6 billion builder with more than 145 years of history.

Gilbane plans construction with Geopipe digital twins

Gilbane plans and visualizes a project to add to an existing building, in the context of Geopipe's digital twin of New York City. Modeling by Devon Rutkowski.

A Day in the (Virtual) Life: Founder WFH in Middlebury, Vermont

Posted by Christi Kroll

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Geopipe’s co-founder Christopher Mitchell, working from home in NYC.
To balance the equation, I chatted with co-founder and Chief Science Officer Thomas Dickerson, who works from home in more rural Vermont.

Brown University in Minecraft

Thomas's alma mater, rendered into Minecraft by Geopipe and the Brown eSports team.

Requiem for Game Developers Conference 2020

Posted by Christi Kroll

Yerba Buena Gardens and surroundings in Geopipe's virtual San Francisco

Geopipe's virtual San Francisco, including Yerba Buena Gardens

Like most of you, Geopipe is disappointed that GDC2020 was canceled -- we were looking forward to exploring San Francisco in person. So, instead, we decided to bring the conference experience to you! We’ve opened up our San Francisco world via a contest to everyone who wants to build immersive gaming experiences in Unity. Our goal? To enable gamers from around the world to experience San Francisco at a human scale.

Head to, download our SDK, then follow @Geopipe on Twitter and tag us in a post about what you want to build - we’ll set you up with our downtown San Francisco model and help you get started. By next Saturday, April 18, tag us in a video showing off your creation, and we’ll showcase our favorites!

Exploring San Francisco in Geopipe's Unity SDK

A glimpse of San Francisco inside Geopipe's Unity SDK

March 2020 Update: COVID-19, Virtual Presence, What's Next?

Posted by Christopher Mitchell, Ph.D.

Geopipe's Providence, RI world in Minecraft

Geopipe's Providence, RI in Minecraft

If I had been writing this update a few weeks ago, it certainly would have started differently: I might have led with the days getting longer, all the travel we had been doing, our aggressive hiring, and so on. Now, we live in a changed world, with entire populations locked down or in danger of massive fatalities, where everyone is stressed, panicked, and glued to the news, and where support systems are overextended.

Our team started to distance two and a half weeks ago and switched to fully working from home on March 13th, and we've been watching with horror as this crisis unfolds. We're sure that "business as usual" is the last thing on your mind, and we hope you're taking the time to look after yourself and your mental and physical health, making sure your older friends and relatives have what they need, staying inside and practicing social distancing, and heeding professional guidance.

It has certainly been a time where business across most sectors has been upended: restaurants and retail shops are shut down or suffering, tourism and travel has dropped to near zero, and those introverts of us who have always loved working from home are seeing the majority of the white-collar workforce return to it or try it for the first time.

And suddenly, as everyone is working from home, they're inevitably thinking about virtual presence. While the immediate need is to hold meetings, we're already seeing demand accelerate for gaming (Valve's Steam service has repeatedly broken traffic records) and for digital twins.

A Day in the (Virtual) Life: Founder WFH in NYC

Posted by Christi Kroll

I had the opportunity last week to catch up with Christopher Mitchell, co-founder and CEO of Geopipe, from his apartment in New York City. During the rapidly changing realities of business in the era of COVID-19, I thought it would be illuminating to chat with someone who does a significant amount of his work remotely.

Christopher's home workstation

Christopher's home workstation, firmly adhering to the mantra that more monitors is always better.

Streaming City-Scale Environments: Unity and Geopipe Part II

Posted by Christopher Mitchell, Ph.D.

The real world is an increasingly important component of games, from small indie projects to huge AAA productions, of simulations for training humans and machines alike, and of visualizations and VR experiences. As we discussed in our last blog post, putting the real world into a game or simulation today is expensive, time-consuming, and for many projects, prohibitive. It can take teams of environment artists years to design and refine a large world modeled from the real world, then fill it with enough detail to truly immerse a user in the environment - but what if putting reality in a game was even simpler than downloading an asset and dropping it into your favorite (or your own) game engine?

The advent of powerful, democratized game engines has opened up game development to teams of any size and have greatly shortened development timelines for larger teams. Similarly, Geopipe empowers any team to rapidly and cost-effectively set their game or simulation in a huge, complete environment – and for those who need it, an environment faithfully reproducing the real world.

Geopipe's virtual copy of New York City

New York City loaded in Unity with the Geopipe Unity SDK, looking north from near Geopipe's office towards Midtown.