Requiem for Game Developers Conference 2020

Posted by Christi Kroll.

Yerba Buena Gardens and surroundings in Geopipe's virtual San Francisco

Geopipe's virtual San Francisco, including Yerba Buena Gardens

Like most of you, Geopipe is disappointed that GDC2020 was canceled -- we were looking forward to exploring San Francisco in person. So, instead, we decided to bring the conference experience to you! **We’ve opened up our San Francisco world via a contest to everyone who wants to build immersive gaming experiences in Unity. Our goal? To enable gamers from around the world to experience San Francisco at a human scale.** Head to [](, download our SDK, then follow [@Geopipe on Twitter]( and tag us in a post about what you want to build - we’ll set you up with our downtown San Francisco model and help you get started. **By next Saturday, April 18, tag us in a video showing off your creation, and we’ll showcase our favorites!** In addition to internet points and a creative outlet while you’re stuck in your house, we will give the winner a license to use Geopipe in a future game. We know that creativity is where game developers shine: our hope is that you can free the global community to experience the real streets, buildings, and trees of San Francisco. Enabling virtual fly-throughs, sightseeing tours, and street-level experiences, Geopipe eliminates the effort of building realistic environments for open world games by using machine learning to create open format data that can stream directly into Unity, Cesium, and more. We want to celebrate your skills and feature your creations on social media, so that other developers can be inspired. Creativity finds expression in community, and we’d like to connect. We’d love to help you play outside...inside. **#playoutsideinside**

Exploring San Francisco in Geopipe's Unity SDK

A glimpse of San Francisco inside Geopipe's Unity SDK