The Chrysler Building in midtown Manhattan in Geopipe's Minecraft New York City

Geopipe's Virtual New York City, Translated into Minecraft

Geopipe builds increasingly perfect copies of reality: our AI determines what's in the world, not just how it looks. We've now turned our existing detailed, 1:1 copy of New York City into a sprawling, 1.6 billion square meter virtual environment, retaining the buildings, roads, sidewalks, windows, trees, and many other details of its real-world counterpart.

With Geopipe's Minecraft NYC, we are demonstrating that the Metaverse is already here. Join us to experience myriad virtual experiences in the same world, like a virtual scavenger hunt, a build contest, a virtual New Year's ball drop, and more.

Explore it today by pointing your browser or Minecraft (Java Edition) at

We Turn New York City into Minecraft in 24 Hours

How do we do it? We start with our richly detailed digital twin of a city, built by AI to precisely match what's in the real world. Each virtual city is labeled with the details that matter, like the locations of windows and trees, the materials on the buildings' façades, the network of roads and sidewalks, the bodies of water. From this embedded metadata, Geopipe automatically builds a Minecraft world matching the real city in less than a day. Buildings turn into glass, stone, brick, and wood. Accurately shaped trees made of logs and leaves are planted. Roads and sidewalks fill the gaps. Bodies of water are flooded with liquid. The result is a Minecraft world of a scale impossible to build by hand without a few centuries of work, perfect as a setting for any minigame or experience imaginable.

Minecraft is a perfect platform on which to demonstrate large-scale, real-world environments, but it's just the beginning. You can already download sections of Geopipe's Earth as 3D models and stream entire cities into Unity, and more experiences will be coming soon. Have suggestions for the best platform or game in which to show off Geopipe? Let us know!

Coverage overview of Geopipe's Minecraft NYC

Explore Minecraft NYC

Join and explore by pointing your browser or Minecraft (Java Edition) at More instructions can be found here. Found a building that doesn't look great, or a detail that's missing? Build it or fix it! Want to build your own game with Geopipe cities? Try our API/SDK.