Our Story

Christopher Mitchell and Thomas Dickerson met in 2002 while teaching themselves programming using graphing calculators. Although they grew up in New York City and Bristol, Vermont respectively, they became online friends, met in real-life, co-created a volunteer group teaching programming to students, and remain best friends to this day. Around 2013, Christopher and Thomas were independently exploring projects where they were trying to put the real world into video games, and became fascinated with creating the real world in virtual space. The problem stayed in the back of their minds, and in 2016, they co-founded Geopipe to create the authoritative whole-Earth digital twin, built by AI. Their complementary technical skills in distributed systems, interdisciplinary simulation and modeling, and machine learning make Geopipe's technology possible.

Christopher Mitchell and Thomas Dickerson

Christopher Mitchell, Ph.D.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
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Thomas Dickerson, Ph.D.

Founder, Chief Science Officer
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Dr. Christopher Mitchell completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science at NYU, specializing in distributed systems, having previously earned an M.S. in Computer Science and an M.E. and B.E. in Electrical Engineering. Trying to put New York City into Minecraft piqued Christopher's interest in making immersive copies of the real world.

Dr. Thomas Dickerson completed his Ph.D. thesis in Computer Science at Brown University, and holds a B.S. in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics. His research centered on applying the algorithmic lens to interdisciplinary problems. Thomas's interest in semantic modeling of built environments stemmed from a desire to automatically simplify models of real-world landmarks into virtual toy bricks while preserving their iconic features.

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